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Welcome to Perretts Court

Perrett's Court is in a great location, and offers you a unique combination. On the one hand, it can be a blissfully quiet place to live - almost always so in the evenings, and generally so during the day. On the other hand, it offers a mixed bag of events, things to do, things to see, concerts and festivals; as much hustle, bustle and activity as you like, and much of it practically on your doorstep.

The Matthew sailing pastWatch the Matthew sail by as you sit in your lounge!

Not many people can say that! Then there's the magic of steam: several steam trains puff their way back and forth most weekends through Spring and Summer. Enjoy open air concerts from time to time, harbour regattas and hot air balloon fiestas during the summer, top class professional fireworks display in November (not every year).

In addition, a 10 minute walk gives you access to all the city centre amenities for an evening out; or if you prefer, you can enjoy a quiet and relaxing evening at home instead - peace and quiet, right in the heart of the city. Perfect!

Harbourside living

It's a great place for anyone who wants to enjoy the welcoming ambiance of waterside living, whilst being within easy reach of the city centre, its entertainment facilities, and its transport services. People like living here: 2/3rds of the apartments are owner occupied - always a good indicator.


This site is constructed primarily for the benefit of the owners and residents of Perrett's Court and aims to provide them with services and information to help them enjoy living here, and that help us maintain the high quality of living for which our block is known. Once you become an owner you will automatically have an account created for you providing access to private owners' material, including:

  • documentation relating to the management of your block,
  • news and information about the maintenance of the block,
  • regular status reports on any works in progress, and
  • a "frequently asked questions" page that will answer your most commonly asked questions.


If you are a tenant, by all means get in touch to request an account on the site. You will then have access to tenants' material which will help you get the most out of your time at Perrett's Court.

Get a tenants account now

Guest visitors to the site

All guests visiting our site are welcome and you will find:

  • information about the block and details of each apartment within the block,
  • a list of businesses that have been, or still are, involved with the block,
  • some photo galleries of Perrett's Court, local attractions and anything else of local interest,
  • links to local web sites covering the range of facilities within the area such as: entertainment, shopping, medical, transport (on land and sea!).

We hope you enjoy the site, and if you do have any questions about Perrett's Court, well, just ask!




The site is provided by Perrett's Court Management Company Ltd and maintained by the Management Team and by the owners. Legal aspects of its use can be found at our Legal Policies page.